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Meet Lil' Lush. Lush is only 8, but because he is so much bigger than most of the other kids in school, Lush sometimes gets mistaken for being a older than he is-- but that doesn't bother him. Lush usually has a smile on his face, and loves making other people smile! Lush is always the first person his best friend Brim and his brother Dawg go to when they have any problems and is not afraid to stand up to anyone who is picking on his friends. Lush is brave, outgoing, and really fun to be around.. but most of all he LOVES to eat! Aside from having a great personality, Lush also has a great love for eating chicken, his favorite food. Lush has a pretty original sense of style and doesn't care what anyone thinks about how he dresses. The only thing he cares about is having a great time with his friends, and making sure everyone else around him is having a great time too!
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