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Meet Lil' Dawg, a 7 (and a half!) year old Border-Pup who loves gadgets.  If it has gears, wheels, or runs on batteries, Dawg knows how take it apart and put it right back together!  There isn't a thing Dawg can't fix.. and if he can't, he will always keep trying.  Dawg loves playing Crashbat, reading books about anything mechanical, and hanging out with his brother Luscious, and his best friend Brimstone.  Dawg is always up for an afternoon of running around The Wasteland looking for parts to build some sort of new invention he is cooking up.  Dawg is super smart, super fun to be around..and sometimes he can be super stubborn.  It is a good thing that Dawg is great at fixing things, because he comes up with some pretty wacky (and pretty awesome) solutions to the gangs problems! 
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